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Syracuse University voiced by Dovy Abarius
sherwin williams voiced by Dovy Abarius
i heart radio voiced by Dovy Abarius
LP building solutions voiced by Dovy Abarius
huber voiced by Dovy Abarius
hardee's voiced by Dovy Abarius
honeywell voiced by Dovy Abarius
diamonds direct voiced by Dovy Abarius
delta dental voiced by Dovy Abarius
autobell voiced by Dovy Abarius
bonefish grill voiced by Dovy Abarius
dazn voiced by Dovy Abarius

John Causby, Groundcrew Sound

“Dovy is a versatile talent, that not only takes direction well, but brings an authentic, fresh, approachable read to your brand.”

John Causby, Groundcrew Sound

“Dovy is a versatile talent, that not only takes direction well, but brings an authentic, fresh, approachable read to your brand.”

Services / Pickups

Television, Radio, and Online Commercials

Invest in something more than an announcer. Rather than just “selling” your service, I’ll provide a voice over that will sound like a genuine conversation with your audience.

  • Radio Broadcasting
  • Television Broadcasting
  • Online/Streaming
  • Social Media

Narrations, Explainers and Corporate

Create the perfect instructional or explainer video for your audio book, youtube videos, or corporate training, with a clear and polished recording.

  • Audiobooks
  • Corporate Narrations
  • Explainer Videos
  • Telephone, Message-On-Hold

Imaging, Promos, and Podcasts

Freshen up your radio station with a new voice for your imaging, make an exciting promo, or upgrade your podcast with its own professional intro and outro.

  • Radio Promos
  • Television Promos
  • Digital Imaging
  • Podcast Intros & Outros

How are rates quoted?

In order to accurately quote the project, here’s what I’ll need to know.


Please describe the type of project you are making. Commercial, narration, promo, corporate, etc.


How will the product be used? Will it be broadcast on the radio, television, or the internet, or will be used internally for corporate? Please include market size or the potential reach of the project as well, such as local, regional, or national.


How long will the voice over be used? 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.

Retakes and Revisions Policy

  • Retakes (my mistakes) are included at no cost.
  • Revisions (changes made to the script after recording):
  • Minor Revisions (one or two words): $50
  • Major Revisions (more than two words): $100 minimum
  • Re-Reads => 30% of the original script: Original rate

Performance Retakes (undirected sessions):

For undirected sessions, where I am recording the files in my studio at my own direction and sending them to you, if you need me to re-do lines for performance reasons, I’m happy to do one round of Performance Retakes at no cost. Please try to communicate any and all direction and/or change of direction at this time. After the first round of retakes, subsequent rounds are charged as Revisions, above.

​If retakes are required for pronunciation preferences that are not specified either by a pronunciation guide or otherwise in writing, these will be treated as Revisions and are billable. Examples: “ee-ther” vs. “eye-ther,” “off-ten” vs. “off-en,” “oh” vs. “zero.”

​When sending a change request, please highlight the lines in the original script or list the full sentence to be re-recorded, the sentence before, and the sentence after so I know what I’m talking about. If applicable, please include the time index of the video so I can better match tone and pace.

Please submit all change requests within 30 days of receiving the original recording. After 30 days, any and all change requests will be charged the original rates.


Dovydas Abarius is known for his deep awareness and creative intuition. He specializes in making clients and audiences feel listened to and truly understood.

His voiceover career began at his college radio station, where he developed experience hosting, producing, and editing while earning his Bachelor’s in Electronic Media & Broadcasting at Appalachian State University. He continued working in broadcast for iHeartMedia, and he was awarded the Ria’s Rising Star award for new on-air performers. The transition into full time voiceover and on-camera work just made sense, and Dovydas has done work for a myriad of clients including Sherwin Williams, Honeywell, and Syracuse University.

In addition to his broadcasting background, Dovy’s musical experience (ask him about his college a-cappella days!) gives him an ear for pacing and the ability to easily interpret direction and apply feedback. His identity as a Lithuanian immigrant provides him with a unique perspective and a clear point of view. Watching Saturday morning cartoons and playing video games as a child informed his early love for characters, and his warm, youthful energy evokes the same weekend comfort for listeners now.

Dovydas is your go-to guy across genres, from exciting commercial copy, video games, corporate explainers, to e-learning and beyond. For your next project, allow I Hear You VO to help bring out the best in your story and welcome listeners with ease.



I’m excited to learn more about you and your project!

Professional Home-Studio Equipment

Microphone: Sennheiser MKH 416
Audio Interphase:  Apollo Twin X DUO
DAW: Reaper – Digital Audio Work Station
Workstation: Macbook Pro. 8-Core CPU, 16-Core GPU, 512 GB SSD
Connection: Source-Connect Standard. Zoom

Studios / Casting

Dovy Abarius represented by lotas

Marion Kennelly |
1123 Broadway #1218 New York, NY 10010
tel: 212.807.6910

Dovy Abarius represented by coupe studios
Libby Clearfield |
4780 Sterling Dr, Boulder, CO 80301
tel: 303.447.0551


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Dovy Abarius represented by Groundcrew Sound

John Causby |
Connor Hausman |
2127 Hawkins Street, Charlotte, NC 28203
tel: 704.342.9900
fax: 704.342.2323

Dovy Abarius represented by wehmann

Amy Oppengaard |
Adriana Fontaine |
2909 S Wayzata Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55405
tel: 612.333.6393

Dovy Abarius represented by mcvo

Lau Lapides |
Tim Ayers |
237 Weston Road, Wellesley, MA 02482
tel: 781.504.7171

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